Old Man Gloom at Bottom of the Hill

Supergroups are interesting things. When a band is comprised of members from a few pretty big bands, getting time where they all can tour never seems to work out. Old Man Gloom is one of those bands I wrote off as just never being able to see live. With a short west coast tour, that all changed. Just a small hiccup where my car got broken into the night before at the American Nightmare show, and is now in the shop. I still managed to make it out there, and I am very glad I did. On record, they use a lot of meandering ambient noise that builds into absolutely crushing songs. But live, it was nearly a nonstop barrage of heaviness. I was amazed at how when playing that hard, they could still manage to change dynamics, and play even harder. Finishing off the set, I was able to feel blasts of cold air from the drummer’s bass drum, and I wasn’t even in the front row. I would rarely ever describe a band this way, but they were absolutely punishing.

I learned a lesson last night, that even when things seem to be conspiring against you, you will always be much happier you made it out to the show. I’ve skipped a show here and there before, and I always end up regretting it. Also, I haven’t been to the Bottom of the Hill in maybe 10 years, and that’s a bummer. Very cool and intimate venue. Hard to believe Dillinger Escape Plan fit on that stage when I was last there.

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