Birthday Weekend

Last weekend it was my birthday, and I just spent it with friends and family. A bunch of us went bowling, and came back to my parents and just hung out. It had been stormy all week, and finally let up that evening, which led to some pretty amazing photo opportunities. I hadn’t gotten to shoot much lately so it was nice to get some pictures I was happy with. Colby and I were messing around with some long exposures, and it’s fun having someone to test out ridiculous shots. It also just helps to have talented friends.

Ah, I forgot much time was lost due to hockey. I have started playing again, and the Sharks again had a deep run in the playoffs, cut just short. My dad and I got seats right on the ice during the first series, and though the Sharks lost that game we still had a lot of fun. We also visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and that means I have to post the obligatory jellyfish with super vibrant blue water picture.

I am off to Seattle for the weekend. I hope to get a few nice pictures, and eat a few good burgers!

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