Cliffhouse Ruins Sunset

My buddy J and I went over to Land’s End and the Cliffhouse Ruins here in San Francisco for some sunset shooting. It’s always more fun when you are out there with a friend. And we saw a pod of dolphins swim by, which is always a cool experience. I think this area has some of the best light I have ever found.

Cliff House Ruins

Yesterday my buddy J and I went on a little photo adventure to the ruins of the Cliff House here in San Francisco. It was nearly two years ago when we went and I shot most of the footage for the video I have up in my portfolio. Thankfully we were again witness to an amazing sunset, and we also spotted a pod of dolphin(s?). Unfortunately they were a little far out, but a fun sight no less. And for the first time I was smart enough to wear enough layers and not freeze. It’s only taken me 11 years …